Selected publications:

Pipe liners: Farewell to composite wall thickness and unrealistic elastic moduli
(in 3R, 10-11/2021) by Ricky Selle and Nils Füchtjohann

Long term strength of thermoplastic infiltration boxes – a revision of the regression analysis in EN 17151
(submitted to International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, 08/2021) by Ricky Selle and Vincent Scholz

Pipe liner: annular gap and stability
(in 3R, 02-03/2021) by Ricky Selle

Practical example: Wound pipe method with mineral liner in large profile – format for stability verification
(in 3R, 10-11/2018) by Ricky Selle and Matthias Mertens

Testing Pressure CIPP under Dynamic Loading
(in Trenchless International, Winter/2018) by Ricky Selle, Heiko Below and Nils Füchtjohann

Use of plastic manholes in drainage systems
(in the annual report Der KRV 2017) by Olaf Selle

Developing a Design Approach for CIPP under Pressure
(in Trenchless International, Herbst/2017) by Ricky Selle and Nils Füchtjohann

Vacuum stability of retracted fabric tubes
(in 3R, 03/2017) by Ricky Selle

Positional stability of plastic shafts under buoyancy forces
(in 3R, 01-02/2017) by Olaf Selle and Ricky Selle

Pipe liner under internal pressure - justification of a format for the proof of stability
(in 3R, 12/2016) by Ricky Selle and Nils Füchtjohann

Wood-concrete composite
(in Beton-Kalender 2013/volume 102) by Klaus Holschemacher, Ricky Selle, Jörg Schmidt and Hubertus Kieslich

Environmental Influence of Early Age Response of PCC Pavement
(in 82nd Transportation Record Board Annual Meeting (01/2002) by Luis Julian Bendana, Shad M. Sargand, Issam Khoury and Ricky Selle