The core business of Selle Consult is excellent consulting for the development, dimensioning and certification of construction products in the field of underground technical infrastructure.

  • Dimensioning

    Thanks to its specialized team, Selle Consult is a European leader in the dimensioning of construction products for underground technical infrastructure. In particular, we calculate pipes, shafts and tanks made of plastics, but also of concrete and reinforced concrete. For existing infrastructure, we provide statements on the calculated remaining service life on the basis of suitable investigations. We also design products in renovation procedures. Our expertise is regularly sought when products must be installed beyond standardized installation conditions. Regarding materials, we also calculate above-ground structures made of thermoplastics or thermosets.

    For our calculations we use the following programs:

    • TRIMAS (Version 19.0) from RIB Software AG
    • RSTAB 7 and RFEM 6 of the engineering software Dlubal GmbH
    • EasyPipe (Version 2.9) of IngSoft GmbH

  • Product development

    We consult companies on the development and optimization of their construction products. One focus lies on using the materials as efficiently as possible in order to achieve optimal application possibilities with the greatest economic efficiency and sustainability.

  • Certification

    We accompany companies in the national and international certification of their construction products, e.g. to obtain a general building authority approval from the DIBt or a CE mark on the basis of an EAD. Thereby, Selle Consult not only advises in the communication with the authorities concerned, but also supervises the corresponding examinations at the testing institutes.

  • Norm activity

    We are actively involved in various national and international standards committees, where we contribute to relevant regulations and standards.


    ISO/TC 138/SC 08/WG 01 Classification and information on design and applications of plastics piping systems used for pipeline rehabilitation
    ISO/TC 138/SC 08/WG 02 Plastics piping systems for rehabilitation of underground drainage and sewerage networks (non-pressure and pressure)
    ISO/TC 138/SC 08/WG 06 Assessment of conformity of plastics piping systems used for rehabilitation
    ISO/TC 138/SC 01/WG 04 Plastics piping systems for underground drainage and sewerage


    CEN/TC 155/WG 26 Systems for storm water handling
    CEN/TC 165/WG 13 Renovation and repair of drains and sewers


    NA 119-05-22 AA Plastic drain pipes
    NA 119-05-37 AA Renovation, repair and renewal of sewers and pipelines
    NA 119-05-40 GA Plastic pipes for underground sewers and drains


    F17.26 Plastic Piping Systems – Olefin Based Pipe
    F17.62 Plastic Piping Systems – Sewer
    F17.65 Plastic Piping Systems – Land Drainage


    AG ES-5.5 Structural analysis of drainage systems – open construction methods (Prof. Olaf Selle)
    AG ES-5.7 Static calculation of drainage systems – profiled wall
    AG ES-5.9 Static calculation of drainage systems – manholes

  • Expert opinions (private and court)

    As publicly appointed and sworn experts, the company's owners provide expert opinions for local, state and higher regional courts or in arbitration proceedings under private law.

  • Testing of statics

    As publicly appointed and sworn experts, the partners check static calculations (primarily pipe statics) according to the DWA rules and regulations.

  • Research projects

    As a central partner in a seven-member consortium, we have explored the possibilities of using CIPP liners in the rehabilitation of district heating pipelines since 2017. The BMWi and BMWK are providing funding for the first and subsequent research projects to a total of EUR 3.5 million.