Selle Consult offers excellent consulting services for supporting structures of underground technical infrastructure. Our core competence lies in the evaluation of the mechanical properties of pipes, manholes or tanks in interaction with the surrounding soil. We are one of the leading consultancies in Europe in this very complex field.

Our focus is on building products made of plastics - for new constructions or infrastructure renovations. This requires comprehensive and networked thinking, especially in the disciplines of mechanics, geotechnics and materials science.

We also provide the often necessary unconventional perspectives without losing sight of the state of the art. We know these precisely because we are actively involved in shaping the relevant national and international regulations in various norm committees.

Our consulting accompanies the product developments of leading, mostly German, companies and usually leads to a certification of the construction products.

A special feature is the activity of the owners as publicly appointed and sworn experts in the field of civil engineering with a focus on the planning, execution and maintenance of urban technical infrastructure.

We think along with the topics of sustainability and environmental compatibility continuously and with great conviction. For us, this primarily means finding solutions that guarantee a maximum technical service life with a minimum use of resources. This always includes the search for optimal economic efficiency.

The foundation of our work is a specialised and simultaneously versatile as well as highly motivated team and the close cooperation with excellent partners, such as IMA Dresden or MFPA Leipzig.